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A How-To Guide For The Woman Who Doesn’t Cook

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No good recipe would be complete without a story!

It was Toronto’s second lockdown due to COVID-19 and after almost a full year living through the pandemic, my husband and I decided we needed to put an end to our incessant “Skip the Dishes” orders. It was our first attempt at cooking a pretty serious meal together; one might assume that if you’re cooking together for the first time that you might want to consider doing something relatively easy. Not us! Nope, we decided to go for it — testing our skills and our patience with one another.

My husband…

Have a dream and stand for something

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Consider the brand Chanel. What images does the name alone evoke? Perhaps it’s tailored, collarless tweed jackets, perhaps it’s overpriced diamond quilted handbags, or maybe it’s a white-haired, sunglass loving gentleman by the name of Karl Lagerfeld.

For me, the brand, was and always will be a sign of female empowerment, maturity and elegance all wrapped up in radical femininity with a hint of go fuck yourself and this is thanks to none other than Ms. Coco Chanel herself.

Born into poverty, Gabriella Chanel, managed to go from an orphanage to being the…

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Although it may seem trivial to discuss something as superficial as fashion while people have lost their jobs, are unable to see loved ones and in some cases have passed away from Coronavirus, the fact remains, the fashion industry is a $2.5 trillion dollar industry for which has global reach and universal implications and has been forced to pivot just like the rest of us.

Back in February, while designers were ready to gear up for their Fall/Winter 2021 runway shows in Milan and Paris, the world conversely began hunkering down. Although only 152 cases were reported in Europe at…

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Photo illustration by Mauricio Alejo

The success of fashion designers oftentimes does not come from pure innovative ideas, more often, designers are inspired by people, places, history, and politics for which resonate throughout society. Wartime uniforms have notoriously influenced fashion, think of Pea Coats, Wristwatches, the Blucher Shoe, Chino Pants, Desert Boots, Cummerbunds, Aviators, Bomber Jackets, and even the T-shirt of all things! …

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A fashion muse — a source of inspiration for a creative artist.

I like to think that deep down within me, I too am a creative artist, yet somehow the pressures of every day life get in the way from allowing me to unleash my full potential. There’s so many things to juggle between family, work and relationships, that outfit creation can be put on the backburner.

Having said that I love how I feel when I’ve carefully crafted a perfect outfit H2T (head to toe). I love how an outfit can transform my mood or represent how I want…

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Meditation. If you’ve never tried it, understandably the very word can feel charged. For me, I always viewed meditation as a bit of a waste of time; the idea that someone has the ability to just sit there with their thoughts seemed like a luxury I did not have nor one that I needed. I am a highly energetic person with most of my days filled with work, workouts, courses, and socializing. Quiet time of nothingness felt quite frankly, trite.

It wasn’t until COVID-19 lockdown happened when my life got turned upside-down and I started to recognize that I needed…

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I stare at my face apprehensively in the mirror. What pimple or blackhead will I find today? Will the marks of a crinkled pillow be embedded into my less than supple skin? What new wrinkle will have formed in what seems as an overnight phenomenon reminding me that my youth is well rooted in the past and the only thing I can look forward to is more crows feet, deeper eye sockets, thinning lips, sagging ear lobes, and a life of gray hairs.

I open up my chest of “fixers”, the answer to all of my beauty problems, and begin…

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What now seems like day 5,651 of isolation, is really only day 49 and if you’re anything like me you have spent many of the past 1,176 hours scrolling through your Instagram feed in sheer bewilderment as to how every single one of your 350 friends is accomplishing the most amazing things during lockdown. Richard is getting in the best shape of his life, Katie is baking pies, cakes and cupcakes all in the same day, Shannon has built an entire Ninja Warrior course in her backyard and you…well you wander from room to room noting all of the chores…

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4 weeks into this “physical distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, stay-home, flatten the curve” nation-wide effort and I must tell you, the emotional ups and downs feel just as severe as watching the global statistics daily on the news. Looking back on this past month and assessing my behaviour and feelings over the course of that time, I have observed 5 phases for which I’m dubbing “THE 5 STAGES OF QUARANTINE”. And yes, just like the 5 Stages of Grief one experiences after the passing of a loved one, I too feel I have truly grieved during this time. …

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My parents enrolled me in skiing when I was 4 years old and after just one season registered me for the racing program. As a young kid, I would often find myself daydreaming of my races, hoping, and at times praying, that this weekend would be the weekend I would win. Year after year I was always the smallest kid on the team which came with a certain set of disadvantages; however, I was an extremely determined child and most definitely a great student. …

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